DIETA DE Pseudocorynopoma doriae (Characiformes: Characidae) EN EL ARROYO LA CHOZA, BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA

F. Brancoloni, M.E. Maroñas, E.D. Sendra


In this paper the objective is to characterize the Pseudocorynopoma doriae diet of the La Choza stream, assessing the relative importance of the contribution of the terrestrial environment to it and compare it with mesopotamian lotic environments. In all environments studied this species presented an invertivorous feeding. In the case of La Choza stream, comparison of diet between sampling dates showed a low degree of similarity, nevertheless the food items were all related to the surface film of water. Latter also is found in mesopotamian streams. When comparing the results of the percentage composition of the diet of P.doriae, it has shown that in mesopotamian environments diet is dominated by allochthonous insects while in the case of La Choza, dominance is shared with autochthonous items.

Palabras clave

dieta; peces; ambientes lóticos; recursos alimenticios; Characidae

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